The Song Room at DMPS

At Debney Meadows PS we are lucky to enjoy the extra support for learning by The Song Room. Our teacher is Zoe, and she works with all of our students once a week. Our students explore themes around identity and storytelling. They use their imaginations, share ideas, collaborate on song writing, sing, move and build confidence in the process.

Our Year P and 1/2 students have been using songs to think about ways they can deal with new situations, new people and being part of a group – a community. They are performing Yellow Bird on Wednesday 2nd November at Melbourne Town Hall as part of the Carnavale performance. As principal, this will be my first performance that I have the pleasure to watch. I can’t wait 🙂
Our 3/4s have had fun looking at the characters and stories in fairytales and fables and messages of dealing with challenging situations.

The 5/6 students have explored emotions through rap and blues and have worked together to create their own raps.

Check out more about The Song Room here…

Thank you TSR for the great work you do with our students.

9 thoughts on “The Song Room at DMPS

  1. Hey there Helen! Some of the great things you’ve described remind me of my last school and all the wonderful things that can occur, esp. in a small primary setting with such a rich community focus. Great to hear what’s happening at DMPS! Hope all is going well!

  2. As a great lover of music and a great believer in the power of music to transform our lives, I loved this blog entry. It’s wonderful to see children from all around the world making music together.

    The Arts are, without a doubt, the most powerful and important part of our school curricula. We have just had our school production night and, without a doubt, it is the pivotal moment of the school year. The Arts bring out such joy, excitement, collaboration and the hidden talents of children we all once thought “shy and quiet!”

    Marg Yore

  3. Corrie, thanks for being our first comment. Very much appreciated. DMPS is a lovely small school with a rich culture, and we are lucky to have such a community focus. Maybe you can visit one day.

    Marg, We have a fantastic focus on the arts and creativity with The Song Room and Western Edge Youth Arts. The students really love being part of the performances and I feel so fortunate to have these experiences for our students. Thank you for your comment.

  4. What a wonderful post – I love seeing artists work with children. I agree with Marg – the Arts unleash such joy and excitement for our students and give opportunity for many to really shine!
    A fabulous experience for your school.

  5. The students in 34A saw, for the first time, the school’s blog. We’re very excited and hope to add more information about our school soon.

    From all the kids in 34A

  6. FANTASTIC 3/4 A. You are our first grade to comment. I look forward to seeing what you add to our blog and the comments we get from other people who visit.

  7. Thank you Adam. I think it is awesome too. Can’t wait until we have more posts from all the grades. Thank you for your comment.


  8. @Marie Thank you Marie. The students have been very excited about getting the interaction happening. Your blog also provides a good example for them too.

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