Prep iPad Program

Our students are inherently curious. They bring with them a sense of wonder and awe. By providing our students access to mobile technologies we can help them achieve some of their dreams. The iPads are not just a gimmick or used to replace traditional learning, but rather a window to a larger world of knowing, doing and being. They help the children learn new concepts, consolidate understandings, and make connections with prior knowledge. They are not just mere consumers but in fact, producers of knowledge and content. The students read, write and create records of their learning progress and use these to reflect and build upon their achievement.

MVCC Councillor James Rankin as Principal for the Day

Who is part of the program?
2011 – Year Preps
2012 – Year Prep to Year 1
2013 – Year Prep to Year 2

How do I found out more?

You can contact the school to find out more information. If you are a teacher or a parent we invite you to come and have a look at what we do in the school. Our students and teachers would be very happy to spend some time with you.

Check out our new video about the Prep iPad program on our website.

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