Information Sessions

Our school information presentations ran smoothly last week and we had a number of parents attending our sessions. The teachers ran the night and provided a general overview of the learning programs, the expectations and the requirements for the students. As the principal, I was pleased to see my teachers work as a team, which is the kind of behaviour we love to also see from our students. At Debney Meadows PS we value the need to work alongside each other: students, staff and families. We know we make a much greater impact on our students’ academic learning and general wellbeing when we work as a team.

Prep – Year 2 information session

Year 3 – 6 information session

Filson and Tracey discussing the iPad program

Teachers are always happy to help parents understand the programs in the school. Tracey, our Grade 1 teacher, is sharing the iPad with Filson here in the photo. Filson is also on our School Council and is a great representative of the school, having attended as a student and now a parent. Both of her children are part of the 1:1 iPad program.

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