I like it when…

Today we took part in a workshop run by “Kids’Own Publishing” held at our school. The teachers and I got to be the learners and make our own little book. We decided to call it WHEN and each page started with, “I like it when….”. We used scraps of materials, papers, feathers, and other bits and pieces to make our book. We collated all our artwork and text to make one book. It was then photocopied in colour to make a little book for each of us.

Here we are all holding open our own page –

The DMPS crew

The 5/6 students are going to be working with Carlton Primary School’s 5/6 class to create a shared book. Next week will be their first workshop with Ailsa, pictured above on the far left and a couple of illustrators. When they become the experts, they will then teach our Prep, 1/2 and 2/3 class. Our new 2013 preps will also take part on one of their transition days.

If they have half as much as we did today, they will be in for a real treat. Thanks to Ailsa and Victoria for the fun workshop today.

Just playing around!

Our new Pod is getting a lot of use in the yard. We have all sorts of items in it, including old phones, suitcases, foam, mesh, cardboard cylinders and much more. Check out the creative uses that our kids have come up with whilst playing in the school yard.

Other schools are welcome to visit our Pod 🙂

ArtPlay + iPads = Creativity

On Wednesday 23rd November, 2011 the Prep class from Debney Meadows Primary School went on an excursion to ArtPlay at Birrarung Marr. The students took part in a Lego workshop contributing to Building the Green City of the Future.

While at the workshop students had the opportunity to think about what designs they may create, have access to thousands of pieces of Lego & have ample time to create their constructions in a friendly & supportive environment.



The DMPS students were also able to bring along their iPads to the workshop. They were able to take photos of their time at the Artplay workshop and of their Lego creations. These photos then became a basis of their literacy focus back at school. On the following day the students used their photos to create language experience books on their iPads. The students used the Book Creator application that creates personalised books which utilises photos taken by the students and text created by them.

What a great experience!

By Mary

Inspired by Eric Carle

In Art and Library students from years prep to six have been learning about the author/illustrator Eric Carle. We have read many of his books, viewed online books and interviews of Eric Carle. We have been learning to make collage in the style of Eric Carle, first analysing his work and then practising the techniques. We experimented with paint, crayons and tissue paper. We have been painting with our fingers, matchsticks and brushes, making textures and patterns. We then used our textured paper to make a collage. The students’ work demonstrates their wonderful creativity and developing skills.

by Louise

The Sultan’s Daughter

‘The Sultan’s Daughter’ is the story of Ali who sets out to prove that he is worthy of his father and who comes to a city ruled by by a cruel princess. Our students from Years 4 – 6 will be performing the play on Tuesday 8th November.

Here is some great artwork from the children.

Create your own video slideshow at animoto.com.

This performance is based on an African folk story from a collection of Nelson Mandela’s favourite African folk-stories. It is the result of a ten week artists’ residency in the school by experienced teaching artists from Western Edge Youth Arts and local young, emerging artists.

I’m really looking forward to seeing our older students perform in just over a week. Parents and families are welcome to come along. (More details to follow.)