Cosa ti piace?

Secondary Students from EKC helping with Italian Conversation!
“Cosa ti piace?” means “What do you like?” in Italian and our Debney Meadows students certainly like learning Italian with our year ten helpers from Essendon Keilor College!

Four EKC students, along with their teacher made their first visit to Debney Meadows P.S. last Friday to practise conversational Italian with our students. The students practised greetings, simple questions like “What is your name?” and ‘Where do you live?” before conversing about their likes/dislikes with hobbies and interests. See below for a picture of our Italian conversation groups working and learning together.

Similar conversational concepts are being covered in our Arabic and Vietnamese groups, thanks to help from volunteers Muhammed, Maha Meryem and Preethi. Debney Meadows staff member Helen W is also leading conversation practice with a small group of students in Vietnamese.

It’s great to see our students putting their language skills into practise.

Kerron Worsdell
– LOTE coordinator

The Nest Summit

On Friday the 23rd of November, Sharmaarke Mohamed and Wanishet Hagos represented the school as student delegates at the 2012 ARACY Nest Summit, as a follow up to the 2012 Australian Children’s Play Summit. The aspirations of the ARACY Nest Summit were to improve social and emotional well-being, invest in the future, improve early childhood and improve education outcomes. Students took on a variety of roles at the summit, including protester, interviewer, town planner and construction worker. They were also involved in team work, leadership and public speaking. Sharmaarke and Wanishet represented the school beautifully and Debney Meadows Primary School is very proud of their two student delegates.

On Friday Emma, Wanishet and I went to the Play Summit. We went there to check out different ideas to save play. When we got there we had posters, then we went inside a room full of grown-ups and shouted, “What do we want? To save play! When do we want it? Now!” Then it was time to eat and interview grown-ups. Then we made an awesome cardboard city.

On Friday we went to the Play Summit. We met lots of other kids. We worked in a group and created a cardboard city, after talking about what it would look like. One of the adults was proud of us. After all of the work we had lunch by the river. It was almost like a picnic. It was very fun!!!

It is important that we value the opinions and voices of our children and young people. At DMPS we design our environment to be respectful of other people’s opinions and differences. We have a Student Representative Council that meets once a fortnight to discuss issues and ideas to better the school, a School Council that meets 8 times a year and a new to be formed Parents and Friends Association to complement our community input. Our students are encouraged to think deeply about their learning, their connections with the community and how they can make a positive difference to our world.

Well done to all the students, staff, parents and friends who strive to make our school the best it can be.

Lest we forget

This year our Grade 1/2 students wrote ‘feelings’ poems about Remembrance Day.

I hear the word never give up.
I see friendship.
I feel courageous.
I touch poppies.
I smell bravery.
By Imad.

I hear crying.
I see the poppies blowing.
I feel sad.
I touch the poppies.
I smell smoke.
By Issan.

I hear screaming.
I see bravery.
I feel sad.
I touch poppies.
I smell the wind.
By Kowsar.

I hear noises.
I see courage.
I feel people giving up.
I touch pain.
I smell the poppies blowing in the wind.
By Galat.

I feel very very sad.
I hear trumpets.
I smell smoke.
I see poppies.
I touch poppies.
By Abdi.

I hear courage.
I see poppies.
I feel friendship.
I touch people.
I smell wind.
By Wafa.

Careers visit to The Royal Children’s Hospital

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On Wednesday we (Nasra, Yusra, Hiba, Hanae and Zakaria) went to the Royal Children Hospital. We met Tara, she was a teacher.
She told us about all the different type of jobs there are at a hospital, like nurse, social worker, doctor and physiotherapist.
We saw Meerkats, a fish tank and a mini elephant.
Then we saw the tooth fairy and we played golf. Then we got cup-cakes!
It was a great experience.

By Yusra and Nasra

A visit to a cafe – look out Master Chef!

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On Friday September the 7th Rachael and Evelyn took
Faduma, Safiya, Zebib, Abdullahi , Hussein, Adam, Noales and Bill to a cafe called Streat. We spoke to the manger called Dylan, he gave us hot chocolate. We took photos and videos and had a great time!
How do you cook so fast?
They organised the food before the people came.

Can we have some?
Yes we all had hot chocolate.

What training do you need?
You need to sign up and then you have to work for three to four years.

How much do you earn in a week?
$300 to $600 if you are a casual employee.

How old do you have to be to work here?
15 to 16 years old.

By Bill, Abdullahi, Adam, Noales, Safiya, Faduma, Zebib and Hussein

Street Smart, Street Savvy

Street Smart, Street Savvy is a full on fun packed day. It’s educational, active and fun. The entire grade 5s had a blast with learning self-defense, hip hop and also playing some mini fun soccer games. Plus you learn how to be safe online and other safety stuff by a police officer.
traffic lights
I can’t wait until next year when I can go again!

By Maewa