Stephanie Alexander Garden is coming to DMPS

This year, Debney Meadows is participating in the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen gardens program. This program teaches our students to grow, harvest, prepare and share fresh, seasonal food. The program helps learners understand more about nature and science by observing where our food comes from and how our food grows. It also promotes healthy sustainable eating by teaching children how to prepare fresh food. The program provides a space where children can take ownership of their school by growing, creating and constructing their own environment.

But there isn’t just a focus on wellbeing, the program involves a lot of deep learning about how food and the environment work. The program is closely linked to the national curriculum and offers very strong ties to the following subject areas:

· Health and PE
· Science
· English
· Civics and citizenship
· Language
· Arts

We are pleased to announce that our school is working towards healthier, smarter, more sustainable learners. If you would like to help us by volunteering with our program please contact us at
Written by Zeke

Zeke Pottage, Felicity Purcell and Kerrianne Bell-Merrick are looking after this project.

A vist from Majak Daw

In July, one of our students, Sabir, was nominated as Auskicker of the Week. This came as a wonderful surprise to not only Sabir and his family, but to all of us at the school. Sabir has been attending Auskick this year and was nominated by the Nth Melbourne Football Club.

As part of his nomination, NMFC and the NAB organised for Majak Daw to come to the school for a visit. This too came as a wonderful surprise and all the students were thrilled to meet him.

Congratulations to Sabir for his selection. You can watch him here:

He is real little champion.

The DMPS Eid Multicultural Festival Sports Trophy

Each year at the Eid Multicultural Festival, a sports match is played amongst our local youth and community members. This year North Melbourne and Essendon FCs were able to come together for the festival and put on a tight match with the North Melbourne team being the victors.

The game was watched by many of the locals and was played on Debneys Park oval, which is right next to our school. The trophy is named after our school which symbolises the positive connections we have with our local community. The trophy sits proudly in our reception area and will be awarded each year to the winning team. Thank you to the Eid Festival planning committee for making this part of our school.

Two of our students were chosen to be the water boys. You can see Jerry and Sabir in the photo below as we celebrate the win on the day.

Thank you to Sarah Bourke from The Huddle for this photo. Also thank you to Sainab and Yasseen from the Eid Festival committee for establishing the trophy.

An overview of DMPS

DMPS 2012 info flyer

• Great teachers
• iPad 1:1 program in Years Prep and One
• Arabic, Italian or Vietnamese taught in P to 6.
• English and Maths from P – 6
• Inquiry learning from P- 6
• Huge learning areas for all classes
• Vibrant library room and many books
• Pre-school story telling
• Song Room music classes P- 6
• Student Representative Council
• School band
• Performing Arts classes with Western Edge Youth Arts
• Outdoor Play POD for active play and imagination
• Multi-cultural Aides
• ESL support

Our school values:

All our teachers work with our students to develop the Debney Meadows Primary School values:-
Care and Respect

Our curriculum:

Our curriculum includes a comprehensive curriculum, which includes:
English and Maths
Science, Geography, History and Economics
Art, Music, Drama and Language
Physical Education and Sport

The way we teach:

We use a number of different approaches in the way we teach our students. These approaches include:
Small groups and mixed groups
Direct instruction
Inquiry based learning – investigating, researching and asking questions
Hands on activities – such as making, playing, using ICT
Reflection – thinking about their learning, sharing their learning and making goals

All teachers make the learning clear to the students by explaining the LEARNING INTENTION and by providing the students with SUCCESS CRITERIA

Parent Involvement:
We encourage parents to be involved in the life of the school as much as they can.

Parents can help out in many ways:
Classroom helpers
Cooking days
Looking after our gardens
Covering books in the library
Coming to assemblies

Community Involvement and Partnerships

We like to be involved in many aspects of the community such as:
Clean Up Australia Day
Eid Festival
Moomba Celebrations
HIPPY program
Homework clubs and tutoring clubs

And we like to have close partnerships with educational organisations such as:
The Song Room
Western Edge Youth Arts
Play for Life
The Huddle

Prep Transition

To help our new Prep students adjust to school, we have organised five school sessions. During the sessions the children:
• Become familiar with the school environment
• Meet their new teacher
• Meet the other children in their new class
• Become more confident about coming to school.

All 2013 Prep students are asked to attend these sessions with a parent or family member.

Tuesday 16th October: 2:15 to 3:15pm
Learning with Mathematics
*Parent information session*

Tuesday 23rd October: 2:15 to 3:15pm
Learning with iPads

Tuesday 30th October: 2:15 to 3:15pm
Learning in the Library

Tuesday 13th November: 2:15 to 3:15pm
Learning with Art

Wednesday 21st November: 1:45 to 3:15pm
Book making

You can contact the school
Ph: 03 9376 1570

The new school year begins

2012 is set to a very exciting year. We have a few new projects being planned for the year and a few new staff joining the team. You will find out much more about our projects as they begin to unfold and you will also be meeting some of our new members of staff.

Our first day of school for the students in Thursday 2nd February. As usual we will begin at 9am. The children should know where their classroom is but there will be people helping out in the morning.

We have five classes –
Prep – Flora
1/2 – Greg
2/3 – Jason
3/4 – Emma
5/6 – Anita

Teachers will be starting on Wednesday 1st February, getting their classrooms ready and learning a little more about the year ahead.

We look forward to our new preps joining us on Thursday 🙂

Helen (principal)