New School

Here is another one of fantastic films and stories created by our Year 5/6 students. Fadila wrote this story and explored the emotions of starting a new school. Fadila began st Debney Meadows in 2012 so her story is one of experience. Fadila’s classmates helped her recreate the story and bring it to life in film. The girls were the actors, whilst the boys were the film production team. Fadila is narrating.


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Searching for….

In term 2. our Year 5/6 students were involved a project with The Centre for Cultural Partnerships, Victorian College of the Arts and Melbourne University. The project, “Many Voices, Many Cultures” was an exploration of student voice and identity.

Our students worked alongside an inspirational artist, Shahin Shafaei and their teacher, Lucas Dredge, to write and publish their stories as films. They worked together to learn the skills of team work, cooperation, listening, supporting each other, trust and respect. These skills were imperative to create the safe container within which the students could tell their stories. Stories resonate with a wide audience and achieve the connections many of us look for.

Three films were created and they had their premier screening on August 17th in our library, in front of students, parents and community members. There was much excitement and one of our mums said she was surprised that students could create such wonderful movies. As I explained, given the opportunity, our kids can achieve amazing things.

Here is one of them…

Madina, a Year 5 student, wrote this story and the whole class contributed to its making. Well done Madina, and well done 5/6L.

Stephanie Alexander Garden is coming to DMPS

This year, Debney Meadows is participating in the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen gardens program. This program teaches our students to grow, harvest, prepare and share fresh, seasonal food. The program helps learners understand more about nature and science by observing where our food comes from and how our food grows. It also promotes healthy sustainable eating by teaching children how to prepare fresh food. The program provides a space where children can take ownership of their school by growing, creating and constructing their own environment.

But there isn鈥檛 just a focus on wellbeing, the program involves a lot of deep learning about how food and the environment work. The program is closely linked to the national curriculum and offers very strong ties to the following subject areas:

路 Health and PE
路 Science
路 English
路 Civics and citizenship
路 Language
路 Arts

We are pleased to announce that our school is working towards healthier, smarter, more sustainable learners. If you would like to help us by volunteering with our program please contact us at
Written by Zeke

Zeke Pottage, Felicity Purcell and Kerrianne Bell-Merrick are looking after this project.

Intercultural Understanding

On Monday 19th August the school staff will be having a full day focused on developing further knowledge and skills around Intercultural Understanding and what this looks like for the culture of the school, as well as the development of learning sequences across the curriculum.

We have been very lucky to be involved in a two year project with Deakin University and DEECD to explore four questions:
1. What facilitates/impedes Intercultural Understanding in children and adolescents?
2. What facilitates/impedes Intercultural Understanding in schools?
3. How can this be addressed?
4. How can we know what makes a difference?

Other project partners are:
Together for Humanity
Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority
Pakunui Technology

We look forward to learning more…

A vist from Majak Daw

In July, one of our students, Sabir, was nominated as Auskicker of the Week. This came as a wonderful surprise to not only Sabir and his family, but to all of us at the school. Sabir has been attending Auskick this year and was nominated by the Nth Melbourne Football Club.

As part of his nomination, NMFC and the NAB organised for Majak Daw to come to the school for a visit. This too came as a wonderful surprise and all the students were thrilled to meet him.

Congratulations to Sabir for his selection. You can watch him here:

He is real little champion.

Flemington Multicultural Eid Festival 2013

Once again this year, Debney Meadows PS took part in the Eid Festival. As a school with diverse languages and cultures, we enjoy taking part in the community events and support our local families. Here are some great photos from the day.

Information Sessions

Our school information presentations ran smoothly last week and we had a number of parents attending our sessions. The teachers ran the night and provided a general overview of the learning programs, the expectations and the requirements for the students. As the principal, I was pleased to see my teachers work as a team, which is the kind of behaviour we love to also see from our students. At Debney Meadows PS we value the need to work alongside each other: students, staff and families. We know we make a much greater impact on our students鈥 academic learning and general wellbeing when we work as a team.

Prep – Year 2 information session

Year 3 – 6 information session

Filson and Tracey discussing the iPad program

Teachers are always happy to help parents understand the programs in the school. Tracey, our Grade 1 teacher, is sharing the iPad with Filson here in the photo. Filson is also on our School Council and is a great representative of the school, having attended as a student and now a parent. Both of her children are part of the 1:1 iPad program.