Cosa ti piace?

Secondary Students from EKC helping with Italian Conversation!
“Cosa ti piace?” means “What do you like?” in Italian and our Debney Meadows students certainly like learning Italian with our year ten helpers from Essendon Keilor College!

Four EKC students, along with their teacher made their first visit to Debney Meadows P.S. last Friday to practise conversational Italian with our students. The students practised greetings, simple questions like “What is your name?” and ‘Where do you live?” before conversing about their likes/dislikes with hobbies and interests. See below for a picture of our Italian conversation groups working and learning together.

Similar conversational concepts are being covered in our Arabic and Vietnamese groups, thanks to help from volunteers Muhammed, Maha Meryem and Preethi. Debney Meadows staff member Helen W is also leading conversation practice with a small group of students in Vietnamese.

It’s great to see our students putting their language skills into practise.

Kerron Worsdell
– LOTE coordinator

Community and volunteer involvement in language learning

Today we ran our second oral conversation session for the year. We provide three languages:
Our conversation sessions are a big part of the program and we value the support of our local community members.

Meryem was one of mums here taking a small Arabic group. They were learning “I like…” and “I don’t like…” I was most impressed with just how quickly the students were able to pick up the phrases.

Language Learning with fun!

When we introduced our languages program, we knew it was going to be fun, but we had no idea just how good the program was going to be!  We use Rosetta Stone to deliver part of the program.  This is an online program that builds skills through-

  • Interactive speaking activities.
  • Milestones at the end of each unit which simulate real-life conversations.
  • Interactive grammar and spelling activities that reinforce lessons.

Our students, with the support of their families, get to choose the language they would like to study.  This helps to create a more pesonalised approach to language learning that also connects with their community language.  The three languages are –

  • Arabic
  • Vietnamese
  • Italian

We also offer English for our new arrivals.

Arabic with Zakiya and Asha

Another part of our program is the Oral Conversation times.  Our whole school splits into language focus groups with mixed year levels.  We have community volunteers who are native speakers or accomplished speakers in the language, coming in to engage in some fun conversations.

Each week we have more and more community volunteers offering their help.  If you would like to help too you can contact the school.