ArtPlay + iPads = Creativity

On Wednesday 23rd November, 2011 the Prep class from Debney Meadows Primary School went on an excursion to ArtPlay at Birrarung Marr. The students took part in a Lego workshop contributing to Building the Green City of the Future.

While at the workshop students had the opportunity to think about what designs they may create, have access to thousands of pieces of Lego & have ample time to create their constructions in a friendly & supportive environment.



The DMPS students were also able to bring along their iPads to the workshop. They were able to take photos of their time at the Artplay workshop and of their Lego creations. These photos then became a basis of their literacy focus back at school. On the following day the students used their photos to create language experience books on their iPads. The students used the Book Creator application that creates personalised books which utilises photos taken by the students and text created by them.

What a great experience!

By Mary