Meet the staff

The school year has started and we have a great staff at Debney Meadows ready to teach the students and provide them with a wide range of engaging learning experiences.


You can see most of our staff here at the end of the school day seeing off the students.

From left to right, they are Kerron (3-6), Lucas (5/6), Felicity (4), Tracey (1), Jason (3), Emma (2), Judith, Flora (Prep), Rebecca (P-2 )and Erin (student wellbeing advocate).

Our other staff include Khadra, Helen W, Susan, Mandy and Christina. It’s great to work with such dedicated teachers and support staff.

When ISTE visted …

In October, an ISTE group came to visit Debney Meadows PS as part of their Australia tour, whilst also attending the ACEC2012 conference in Perth. We were lucky to have the group visit us at school and allow our children to showcase their learning so enthusiastically. Ellen, Director of Technology at The Cathedral School, one of the group members has collated her photos and passed them on to us to enjoy.

Debney Meadows Primary School from Ellen Baru on Vimeo.

Visiting Debney Meadows Primary was one of the highlights of the study tour. I so appreciate the time it took you to prepare for our visit and for you, your students, and your teachers to so warmly share your special school with us.

Thank you Ellen for generously taking the time to put this video together.

The DMPS Eid Multicultural Festival Sports Trophy

Each year at the Eid Multicultural Festival, a sports match is played amongst our local youth and community members. This year North Melbourne and Essendon FCs were able to come together for the festival and put on a tight match with the North Melbourne team being the victors.

The game was watched by many of the locals and was played on Debneys Park oval, which is right next to our school. The trophy is named after our school which symbolises the positive connections we have with our local community. The trophy sits proudly in our reception area and will be awarded each year to the winning team. Thank you to the Eid Festival planning committee for making this part of our school.

Two of our students were chosen to be the water boys. You can see Jerry and Sabir in the photo below as we celebrate the win on the day.

Thank you to Sarah Bourke from The Huddle for this photo. Also thank you to Sainab and Yasseen from the Eid Festival committee for establishing the trophy.

Eid Multicultural Festival

Here are some great snaps of the Eid Multicultural Festival on Sunday 2nd September. You can click on them to enlarge.

It was a great community day. The sun was shining and there were plenty of people around. Thank you to all the DMPS crew who were able to come along on the day and help support our terrific school. Our school stand was welcoming and provided lots of iPad fun for the kids.

Eid Multicultural Festival 2012

This Sunday, 2nd September, DMPS staff and students will be representing the school at the Eid Multicultural Festival. All people are welcome to join in the festival regardless of background or religion. The festival is taking place at Debneys Park near the Flemington Community Centre.

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There will be rides, a sausage sizzle and a community football match for young and old.

Hopefully lots of people will come and say hi to us at the DMPS stand. Here is a schedule of who you may see:
9-10 Anita, Helen and Helen W
10-11 Susan, Lucas, Felicity
11-12 Helen, Ben, Mandy
12-1 Emma, Flora, Rachael
1-2 Christina, Sharon, Gini
2-3 Khadra, Zakiya
3-4 Mary, Jason, Tracey
4-5 Helen

At 3:00pm our students from prep and 2/3 will be performing a few songs for the audience, with Zoe their Song Room teaching artist.

More info here about the 2012 Eid Multicultural Festival.