Lest we forget

This year our Grade 1/2 students wrote ‘feelings’ poems about Remembrance Day.

I hear the word never give up.
I see friendship.
I feel courageous.
I touch poppies.
I smell bravery.
By Imad.

I hear crying.
I see the poppies blowing.
I feel sad.
I touch the poppies.
I smell smoke.
By Issan.

I hear screaming.
I see bravery.
I feel sad.
I touch poppies.
I smell the wind.
By Kowsar.

I hear noises.
I see courage.
I feel people giving up.
I touch pain.
I smell the poppies blowing in the wind.
By Galat.

I feel very very sad.
I hear trumpets.
I smell smoke.
I see poppies.
I touch poppies.
By Abdi.

I hear courage.
I see poppies.
I feel friendship.
I touch people.
I smell wind.
By Wafa.