Every day counts

Coming to school every day is important for the all the students…even our preppies. The teachers plan a number of activities and lessons that are designed to support and extend each child’s learning. If a student is away for the day or late, they can miss important information, experiences or time to discover new knowledge and make connections.

Children also like to have strong friendships and connections with other students and their teachers. Missing school days too often can reduce the flow of friendships and positive interactions.

P-2 area

Being part of the classroom and the learning is a great way for students to feel connected to their school. You can find an information sheet attached on how you can help your child attened every day.


Teachers learn too

In the last week of term the teachers all attended an after school talk by John Hattie who was talking about team teaching and planning and the importance of helping student progress in their learning. The teachers at Debney Meadows School are dedicated to their work and want the best for the students. As the principal I was very proud to see all the teachers attend this session together. We celebrated the end of term by having dinner together after the talk.

Community and volunteer involvement in language learning

Today we ran our second oral conversation session for the year. We provide three languages:
Our conversation sessions are a big part of the program and we value the support of our local community members.

Meryem was one of mums here taking a small Arabic group. They were learning “I like…” and “I don’t like…” I was most impressed with just how quickly the students were able to pick up the phrases.

When ISTE visted …

In October, an ISTE group came to visit Debney Meadows PS as part of their Australia tour, whilst also attending the ACEC2012 conference in Perth. We were lucky to have the group visit us at school and allow our children to showcase their learning so enthusiastically. Ellen, Director of Technology at The Cathedral School, one of the group members has collated her photos and passed them on to us to enjoy.

Debney Meadows Primary School from Ellen Baru on Vimeo.

Visiting Debney Meadows Primary was one of the highlights of the study tour. I so appreciate the time it took you to prepare for our visit and for you, your students, and your teachers to so warmly share your special school with us.

Thank you Ellen for generously taking the time to put this video together.

Hoo-oo, hoo-oo, can I follow you?

Our students have been learning songs from different cultures and lands. Zoë, our Song Room teaching artist has supported our three language areas: Vietnamese, Arabic and Italian. Here is a lovely version of the Italian song Angellare by Kavisha Mazzella

You can listen here:

Angellare 3:4s

“Hoo-oo, hoo-oo, can I follow you? Hoo-oo”
sings the owl to the moon
“Hoo-oo, hoo-oo, can I follow you? Hoo-oo”

the moon glows in the night
the moon is yellow and white
where does the moon go?
the owl wants to know…

Angellare ba boom, Angellare boom ba
Angellare ba boom, Angellare boom ba

the stars live up in space
shooting stars come to some place
where do the stars go?
the owl wants to know…

Angellare ba boom, Angellare boom ba
Angellare ba boom, Angellare boom ba

“Hoo-oo, hoo-oo, can I follow you? Hoo-oo”
sings the owl to the moon
“Hoo-oo, hoo-oo, can I follow you? Hoo-oo”

when owls grow up they go
mum says “you need to find your own home”
the owl, the stars and the moon
are leaving very soon
to the water, behind the sea
and there they all sing for me –

“Angellare ba boom, Angellare boom ba”
“Angellare ba boom, Angellare boom ba”
“Angellare ba boom, Angellare boom ba”
“Angellare ba boom, Angellare boom ba”

We look forward to a possible visit from Kavisha in the future.

Thank you to our beautiful singers and Zoë.

Pizza Party for 3/4A

On Wednesday 26 October we had a pizza party. This was because we all finished the Premier’s Reading Challenge. Every student in 34A read 15 books each.

Anita, our teacher, and our literacy teacher, Terri, bought the ingredients so we could all make and enjoy our own pizza.

We constructed a recipe including our ingredients, equipment and steps. Then we started making our pizzas. When they were ready we ate them.☺

by Jamal and Anisa

J & A[1]

Having fun with our iPads and Preppies

During the last week of term 3, we opened up our school for parents to come in and see the great things that we were doing. Our parents joined in the fun and decided to be the learners in the prep classroom. Our preppies were not too shy to show of their new skills, creations, and even read and share an online book or two.

Check out our learning!

Check out our learning!

The smiles were priceless!

From little things..

Orange Blossom

Orange Blossom

Our preppies were learning to plant an orange tree in our school garden. After much team effort the children came away to write about their experience. I was much impressed when one of the Preps dropped by my office to share her fabulous writing. Of course she received a gold principal sticker for her efforts and lots of discussion about what she had learnt.

Now to watch the oranges grow.