Effort matters

Over the last few weeks at assembly I have been sharing my story of learning how to swim as an adult. I have persevered, put in lots of effort, and have made a commitment to swim each weekend. Over time I have become more confident and more physically fit, now I am able to swim 1km. I make an effort not to miss swimming because I know every day I go to the pool, makes a difference to my ability.

It is pleasing to know that many of our students put in a lot of effort to be the best they can be. Throughout the term, the teachers have been planning and providing the students with a rounded curriculum. Each lesson is planned to build upon the previous lesson and to develop the abilities of each student. Teachers monitor student progress and discuss strategies to effectively target their needs.

If our students miss a lesson, they will miss important information, knowledge and skills. Our teachers do the best they can to support students who have been absent, but it not always the same as being at school. For our students every day counts and every lesson counts. Being at school every day helps the students make good progress.

See the great effort Nima makes on her self-portrait.

The Sultan’s Daughter

‘The Sultan’s Daughter’ is the story of Ali who sets out to prove that he is worthy of his father and who comes to a city ruled by by a cruel princess. Our students from Years 4 – 6 will be performing the play on Tuesday 8th November.

Here is some great artwork from the children.

Create your own video slideshow at animoto.com.

This performance is based on an African folk story from a collection of Nelson Mandela’s favourite African folk-stories. It is the result of a ten week artists’ residency in the school by experienced teaching artists from Western Edge Youth Arts and local young, emerging artists.

I’m really looking forward to seeing our older students perform in just over a week. Parents and families are welcome to come along. (More details to follow.)

The Song Room at DMPS

At Debney Meadows PS we are lucky to enjoy the extra support for learning by The Song Room. Our teacher is Zoe, and she works with all of our students once a week. Our students explore themes around identity and storytelling. They use their imaginations, share ideas, collaborate on song writing, sing, move and build confidence in the process.

Our Year P and 1/2 students have been using songs to think about ways they can deal with new situations, new people and being part of a group – a community. They are performing Yellow Bird on Wednesday 2nd November at Melbourne Town Hall as part of the Carnavale performance. As principal, this will be my first performance that I have the pleasure to watch. I can’t wait 🙂
Our 3/4s have had fun looking at the characters and stories in fairytales and fables and messages of dealing with challenging situations.

The 5/6 students have explored emotions through rap and blues and have worked together to create their own raps.

Check out more about The Song Room here…

Thank you TSR for the great work you do with our students.