Every day counts

Coming to school every day is important for the all the students…even our preppies. The teachers plan a number of activities and lessons that are designed to support and extend each child’s learning. If a student is away for the day or late, they can miss important information, experiences or time to discover new knowledge and make connections.

Children also like to have strong friendships and connections with other students and their teachers. Missing school days too often can reduce the flow of friendships and positive interactions.

P-2 area

Being part of the classroom and the learning is a great way for students to feel connected to their school. You can find an information sheet attached on how you can help your child attened every day.


Getting ready for 2014

Today the staff returned to work for our first day induction and preparation for a wonderful 2014 school year. As a professional learning community we discussed the direction of the school, team work, student achievement and progression and how we would ensure all our student get the best possible education that they deserve.

Induction day 2014

After a busy and productive morning we came together to have lunch and to reflect on what we had been learning and discussing.


Our staff from left to right:
Maxine (4/5), Jane (Languages and EAL), Lucas (5/6), Felicity (Prep), Kerrianne (Art and Stephanie Alexander Program), Jason (3/4), Helen Wong (Education Support), Mandy (Language Support), Mohammed (Bilingual Arabic ES) , Susan (Library ES), Christina (Business Manager), Kirk (1/2), Nicole (1/2), Erin (Student Wellbeing Advocate) and Kerron (Teaching and Learning Coach). Khadra and Halima are not in the photo. And I am taking the photo 🙂

We are all looking forward to welcoming our students tomorrow.

New School

Here is another one of fantastic films and stories created by our Year 5/6 students. Fadila wrote this story and explored the emotions of starting a new school. Fadila began st Debney Meadows in 2012 so her story is one of experience. Fadila’s classmates helped her recreate the story and bring it to life in film. The girls were the actors, whilst the boys were the film production team. Fadila is narrating.


We would love you to make a comment too 🙂

Meet the staff

The school year has started and we have a great staff at Debney Meadows ready to teach the students and provide them with a wide range of engaging learning experiences.


You can see most of our staff here at the end of the school day seeing off the students.

From left to right, they are Kerron (3-6), Lucas (5/6), Felicity (4), Tracey (1), Jason (3), Emma (2), Judith, Flora (Prep), Rebecca (P-2 )and Erin (student wellbeing advocate).

Our other staff include Khadra, Helen W, Susan, Mandy and Christina. It’s great to work with such dedicated teachers and support staff.

Just playing around!

Our new Pod is getting a lot of use in the yard. We have all sorts of items in it, including old phones, suitcases, foam, mesh, cardboard cylinders and much more. Check out the creative uses that our kids have come up with whilst playing in the school yard.

Other schools are welcome to visit our Pod 🙂

The day begins at DMPS


Many of our families live very close by to the school and most of them walk to school. We have a beautiful park and council oval behind our school building. The students cross the parkland to get to the school. The trees are quite majestic and provide plenty of shade for our students (luckily I don’t suffer with hayfever too much). In the mornings I do my yard duty in this area shown in the photo above. This give me a chance to meet the children and their parents or guardians first thing in the morning. It’s great to have a friendly chat before the day starts and to get to know the parents.